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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NSERC President Praises Gary Goodyear

Gary Goodyear is Canada's Minister of State (Science and Technology). His government has just cut funding of basic research grants by $148 million over the next three years. Gary Goodyear is a chiropractor and he may be a creationist.

So, what does the President of NSERC think of this? See the [press release].
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper ventured into the lion's den Monday, defending his government's record on science funding before some of the country's top researchers.

He emerged without a scratch.

Indeed, he actually basked in praise for Gary Goodyear, his minister of state for science and technology.

Goodyear has been much maligned by some scientists who maintain research was shortchanged in the Jan. 27 federal budget. But there was no criticism Monday at an awards ceremony for the winners of prestigious research prizes handed out by the federally funded Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

"It has been a real pleasure for us to work with the Hon. Gary Goodyear," said NSERC president Suzanne Fortier.

"He has already proven himself a champion of the science and technology community."
I know some people who would disagree with Suzanne Fortier. Two representatives of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) didn't have such a favorable impression [When Chiropractors Get Angry ....].

Some people would argue that. as a kind of public servant, the President of NSERC should not criticize government policy. Perhaps, but that doesn't mean she has to suck up to the executioner.

[Photo Credit: NSERC]


  1. This whole situation is getting so ridiculous. After 8 years of "at least we don't have Bush Jr" comfort, it's our turn to be the embarrassment of North American politics.

  2. I think this is the case of "don't bite the hand that feeds you"ism.

    Goodyear's shown us his true colours -

    I'm guessing that Fortier was just trying to avoid a similar confrontation with an irrational IDiot - specifically, and irrational IDiot who holds the keys to the bank...

  3. True, a very political response. But the "Yes sir, can I have some more, sir!" approach is not a very successful one when dealing with ideologues. They will just keep pushing further and further, until the damage is too great.

    Thanks for the link... but I'm overseas and not willing to purchase it. I'm assuming this is about the temper-tantrum with the CAUT?

  4. "Tanks for the link... but I'm overseas and not willing to purchase it. I'm assuming this is about the temper-tantrum with the CAUT?"

    Yep, that's exactly what it is. Larry has blog post with all the important snippets from the article:

  5. Well... at least individual scientists are willing to take a stand.

  6. Dr. Moran,
    Thank you for keeping track of this story. Please keep us up-to-date on the latest developments as they come in.