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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday's Molecule #112: Winners

UPDATE:The equation shows beta decay of 14C from Wikipedia. The Nobel Prize went to Willard Libby for developing 14C dating technology.

This week's winner is Dima Klenchin from the university of Wisconsin (again) by two minutes over Ollie Nanyes. The undergraduate winner is Alex Ling of the University of Toronto.

You may have noticed that today's molecule isn't a molecule. Your task is to identify what this equation is describing.

There's only one Nobel Laureate whose discovery is relevant.

The first person to identify the equation and the Nobel Laureate wins a free lunch at the Faculty Club. Previous winners are ineligible for one month from the time they first won the prize.

There are six ineligible candidates for this week's reward: James Fraser of the University of California, Berkeley, Guy Plunket III from the University of Wisconsin, Deb McKay of Toronto, Maria Altshuler of the University of Toronto, David Schuller of Cornell University and Adam Santoro of the University of Toronto

A previous winner has offered to donate a free lunch to a deserving undergraduate so I'm going to continue to award an additional free lunch to the first undergraduate student who can accept it. Please indicate in your email message whether you are an undergraduate and whether you can make it for lunch.


Nobel Laureates
Send your guess to Sandwalk (sandwalk (at) and I'll pick the first email message that correctly identifies the molecule and names the Nobel Laureate(s). Note that I'm not going to repeat Nobel Prizes so you might want to check the list of previous Sandwalk postings by clicking on the link in the theme box.

Correct responses will be posted tomorrow. I reserve the right to select multiple winners if several people get it right.

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  1. I would have said Melvin Calvin, for use of 14C to metabolically label photosynthesic carbon fixation.

  2. Damn! One I could have answered, (and I fearlessly predict it will be the only one, ever) but I didn't look yesterday!