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Friday, March 13, 2009

Is the Media Being Responsible about Health Issues?

Ben Goldacre is a physician and he doesn't think the media is being responsible. In fact, he thinks they may be complicit in the needless deaths of children. Visit his blog Bad Science and read why he says ... Christ I need a haircut. Then watch this video.

We have a problem with health literacy and science literacy. Professional health journalists and professional science journalists have a choice. They can continue to do nothing and blame the marketplace—in which case they become part of the problem—or they can speak out on behalf of good science—in which case they can become part of the solution.

[Thanks to Chris Nedin for the link.]


  1. Ben Goldacre has a brilliant weekly column in the Guardian newspaper to be found here

    Those articles are also posted with comments from an active community (with additional articles and blog posts) here

  2. This youtube clip is also very good