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Monday, March 02, 2009

Free Speech in Ottawa

Some of you might recognize these people in spite of their attempts to disguise themselves!1

They are protesting the decision by OC Transpo in Ottawa (Canada) to ban the atheist ads on city buses. Apparently it's okay to run Christian ads but the atheist ad is "too controversial."

The Humanist Association of Ottawa wants you to show up at Ottawa City Hall on Wednesday March 11 when the city council is scheduled to vote on a motion to overrule OC Transpo and allow the ads [Protest the bigots at City Hall]. Several members of council are sympathetic and the first vote last month was a tie. It only takes one more council member to get the ads on the buses.

Atheist Bus Ottawa has put up a petition that you can sign. Do it now!

1. To find out who they are you have to sign the petition and see who else has signed!


  1. don't whine if you cant pay for atheist ads. Use graffity. Thats the main source of anti-religious expression here in chile.
    Of course, I'm guessing most canadian atheists and "revolutionaries" are too old to beout on the street painting walls..hehe

  2. Apparently it's okay to run Christian ads...

    I had been wondering about that, but have not seen it clearly stated in the news articles I have seen.

    Two of those folks have facial hair. Ouch.

  3. BB: It was painters' tape - the bearded ones said that it was not all that bad (but we do appreciate their sacrifices for the Cause)

  4. BB: The religious ads haven't been in the news much, but I've seen them personally (the Anglican ones were actually kind of cute). Brief list here:
    The linked news story mentions the upcoming Bus Stop Bible Study ads.

    Vargas: Do you really not get the point that it's not money, it's bureaucrats and politicians, that are holding things up here? Or are you just being snarky?