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Monday, March 23, 2009

Astrology in The Toronto Star

I read The Toronto Star every day but I missed this article published last Friday [The vernal equinox: Science and mysticism].

Staff reporter Nick Aveling thought it would be fun to contrast the words of a scientist (Astronomer Randy Attwood) and an astrologer (Michael Barwick). The title of the article implies that this might be an attempt at humor but I'm not sure.
What are the implications of today's equinox?

Attwood: As the earth goes around the sun it appears that the overhead sun seems to be creeping towards the north. For the next three months it will continue to creep north until the first day of summer, when it's at its farthest point north. As the sun gets higher that means it's able to concentrate more heat on the ground.

Barwick: Somebody who's born at 0 degrees Aries – that's a particularly strong Aries person ... William Shatner, Captain Kirk, has kind of the ultimate Aries energy in a way: going forth, boldly going where no one has gone before, pioneering, being in command, leading intuitively. This is Aries.
Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy didn't think it was funny: Canada slips further into goofiness. Neither did any of the people who posted comments on the newspaper's website.

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