Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to Canada, President Obama

President Obama (USA) just arrived in Canada. Here he is being greeted by Governor General Michaelle Jean. You can see the complete video on YAHOO! News.

Gosh, there hasn't been this much excitement over a visit to Canada since the Pope came here in 2002! Obama's visit may even be more exciting that the Queen's last trip in 2005.


  1. More than the Queer, now you're being silly...

    But seriously, it's always interesting when a "foreign" leader is much more popular than your own leader (i.e.: if we can call Harper a leader)... Although Canadians might not like Obama's message about Afghanistan.

  2. I meant Queen, not queer, oh well...

  3. Thanks for the correction PhDP, I initially thought you were referring to the pope.

  4. PhDP,

    I felt most aggrieved at your initial implications upon the tenor of my sexuality and relieved that you think proper to rectify your egregious error with most prompt certitude.

  5. The YAHOO! News article has has one phrase that needs correcting:

    "promising he won't allow a protectionist creep into U.S. trade policy. . . ."

    Surely that phrase should read

    "promising he won't allow protectionism to creep into U.S. trade policy. . . ."