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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have You Been Scammed by Nigerians? Get Compensation!!!


Jim Lippard alerts us to the Best Nigerian 419 scam ever.

I think he might be right, but the competition isn't that tough.


  1. I send money via Western Union to these "Missionarys" in Nigeria who had a house in Costa Rica. It was $400 that I sent to them and they said they would send the key via DHL. I sent the money on Friday, was told I would get the key on Saturday. Key never came. Sunday DHL was closed. I was told I would get it first thing Monday morning or later that evening. Monday was "The Birth of a Prophet", they didn't send the key because DHL was closed. I was told I would get it the latest Monday night. Key never showed up. I received an email from these scammers on Tuesday morning, telling me I had to send $250 to them to pay for the DHL Courier Service. I refused asked for my money back. I received an email a little while later saying, "Dear #### you seems don't understand what am talking about who told you we are from Nigeria you don;t have to judge us at all. Please get back to me if you will need your money back then i will go for our key back from DHL." I emailed them back telling them to send me my money back. I haven't received any further emails from them. They even created an email account posing as "DHL GLOBAL NIGERIA" the reason I found out it was them, is because if you haven't noticed in the previous email I copied and pasted, it has horrible broken English. This is the email from "DHL GLOBAL NIGERIA" "DHL Nigeria

    Attn: Miss Heather Denise Young Poole,

    We hereby contact you as regards property key and Document. We are ready to ship it down to your address as soon as you comply to our delivery protocol.

    Kindly get back to us immediately to enable us proceeds further.

    Bryant Marshal"

    Horrible written. The phone number was copied and pasted by my fiance' in a smamming website database and came back as a Nigerian prepaid number. I am trying to move to Costa Rica, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I have nothing but maybe $30 to my name. I don't know what else to do.

    Thank you,

  2. report it to the police, those people are asswholes!! they did the same to me but with a cell phone, i basecally lost $300. im reporting it to the police hopefully they get caught!