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Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You as Smart as a Second Year University Student? Q5

Are You as Smart as a Second Year University Student?

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When you ask my students to remember some important facts about evolution and biochemistry, 98% of them get it right. This question was way too easy. How do Sandwalk readers do?
The evolutionary approach to biochemistry is often called “comparative biochemistry” because it involves comparing enzymes and pathways in different species. The objective is to recognize the fundamental principles that apply to all living organisms. Which of the following insights gained from such an approach is WRONG?

a) the enzymes of the gluconeogensis pathway evolved before
      those that are specific for the glycolytic pathway
b) not all species have a citric acid cycle
c) you can have membrane-associated electron transport
      without oxygen
d) the plant photosynthesis pathway arose from combining two
      different photosystems
e) the P/O ratio is the same in all species

1 comment :

  1. This isn't a test of smartness but of biochemistry knowledge.

    That said, I vote for 'e'.