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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trouble with Blogger

I'm pretty happy with Blogger, most of the time.1 However, every now and then the powers that be meddle with the code and screw up a feature that we've come to rely on. I don't understand why this happens—you'd think they would test all their changes before implementing them.

A few weeks ago Blogger decided to mess with the RSS feeds and other things. The changes had two obvious effects: I can no longer detect links to my blog via Technorati, and recent comments are stuck on old comments (June 20, 2007).

Blogger has a "Help Group" forum where you can post about problems with Blogger. There are hundreds of postings—most of them concern mistakes made by the users, many of whom don't read instructions very well. The thread concerning the RSS feed [Problem with the comments feed] was begun on December 19th, shortly after the problem first appeared. On December 21 the Blogger team indicated that they were aware of the problem.
Thanks for the heads up folks! We're looking into this right now and hope to have this sorted out shortly.

We'll make sure to update this thread when we have some news to pass along. Thanks for your patience,

The Blogger Team
As of today (Dec. 30) it still hasn't been fixed.

Why is it taking so long to fix a problem that they created in the first place?

1. After all, it's free. I shouldn't complain about such an excellent service at such a low price. (But I will anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

Why is it taking so long to fix a problem that they created in the first place?

Because the few people who haven't been laid off are on vacation for the holidays?