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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Lesson in How Parliamentary Government Works in Canada

Stephen Harper explains how the parliamentary system of government works in Canada.

[Hat Tip: Canadian Cynic who notes that "sometimes this job [mocking Conservatives] is way too easy."


  1. Did this guy lock down the parlament?
    And no massive street demosntraions yet, Larry? Sorry, I'm afraid Canadians are pussies.
    We'll have to send you some chileans to teach you how to make molotov cocktails. Or at the very least, how to throw a rock. jeez. We do that for way less.

  2. Mr. Vargas,

    Yes, do teach us. Because violence and firebombs is so much more sophisticated.

    Go learn a bit about the Westminster system... what Harper did (and Dion tried to do) were perfectly within the bounds of the system, even if a bit distasteful to the uneducated.

    Oh, and speaking of pussies, way to go in propping up Pinochet for all those years.

  3. Crybabies, then. Both sides.
    A guy like harper needs a little public repudiation. Something you do not understand, but that we developed pretty well during Pinochet's time.

  4. there are still places in the world where locking down the paralment is legal... Very sophisticated. Very democratic.
    What other superpowers does Harper have?

  5. Anyways, I wish you guys luck with kicking Harper out.
    Seem like you might be needing it.