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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Awesome Power of Prayer

James C. Dobson, Ph.D. is Founder and Chairman of Focus on the Family. He is not a fan of Barrack Obama and came to the realization that John McCain and Sarah Palin would be much better for the country.

Dobson urged his followers to pray [Dr. Dobson’s October Newsletter].
Regardless of your political views, I want to urge Christians everywhere to be in prayer about this election. There are many scriptural references wherein King David “inquired of God” when he was faced by troubling circumstances (1 Samuel 23:2,4; 30:8; 2 Samuel 2:1; 5:19,23). It is time for Christians everywhere to turn to Him for guidance and wisdom. Find some time to be still and listen to what He wants to tell you. The National Day of Prayer Task Force, led by my wonderful wife, Shirley, has embarked on a national campaign entitled “Pray for Election Day.” All around the country, individuals and groups are being encouraged to gather every Thursday leading up to Nov. 4 between 12 noon and 12:30 p.m. Spend time with the Lord, asking Him to guide and direct those privileged to cast a ballot. If you are able, I would also encourage you to fast and pray immed”ately before the election. After all, it was the Reverend Billy Graham who once said that “To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees.”20 Amen, Dr. Graham.

This election is about the future of the nation, but it will also go a long way toward determining the culture your children and grandchildren will come to know. I know you will vote with your children and your children’s children in mind. That certainly puts the election in a different light, doesn’t it?
Apparently God was listening. He answered their prayers on Tuesday. Here's how Tom Hess describes the result [‘We Need to Continue to be in Prayer for America’].
With an Obama administration forthcoming, Focus Action’s Tom Minnery says, “We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us.”

He and FRC Action President Tony Perkins encouraged CitizenLink viewers to remain hopeful of what God might do in the next four years — and to be in prayer.

“For those who have been praying for weeks, our responsibility does not end today,” Perkins said. “In Luke 18, Jesus said men should not lose heart, but they should pray. We need to continue to be in prayer for America.”

Minnery pointed out that in the Bible, God worked through pagan rulers such as Nebuchadnezzar, Darius and Cyrus to accomplish his purposes, and that values voters ought to begin praying for President-elect Obama.

“God can use any president for his own purposes,” Minnery said.
You can't make this stuff up.

[Hat Tip: Primordial Blog]


  1. no Kidding.
    If something they want happens its the "power of prayer" and if something happens that they don't want "god moves in mysterious ways"

    I am completely amazed at how some people don't see how silly they really sound.
    If you play the old "replace the god's name" game, these guys would think whoever was saying it was out of their minds. What would Zeus or Odin think?

  2. Hi,
    Jim, Zeus is delighted with your amazement, just said me so, you hold the right path :-D
    Anybody connected with Odin around?

  3. Isn't Dobson the guy who wrote Bush and told him he better keep his promise about the Marriage Amendment... or he's gonna let him have it with all his God powers or something like that? I seem to remember something like that.

    Well, sorry Mr. Dobson, but Bush had already got himself elected by then. Thanks for your support though! Thanks for being a tool.

  4. Prof. Moran: FYI

    "College Ends Ban on Nietzsche Quote"

    Whether or not “God is dead,” as Nietzsche famously argued in The Gay Science, the philosopher’s famous quote can once again be displayed on the doors of faculty offices at Temple College, in Texas.

  5. Looks like my vote is more powerful
    than their god.

    I sorta thought so.

  6. The problem is that the Christian God (Yahweh, version 2.0) was outdone by people praying to Hindu, Buddha and Allah

  7. At least they switched to praying for Obama

  8. Sometimes I wonder Larry how you manage to stop yourself exclaiming "God help us!"

  9. The term that comes to mind is 'intellectual vacuum.'
    But maybe 'total vacuum' covers it even better?

  10. "I know, putting this in God's hands, the right thing for America will be done on November 4."
    -- Sarah Palin

  11. God uses people for his purposes? Hmmm, doesn't that conflict with their freewill.