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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

University of Toronto Secular Alliance


Please consider joining the University of Toronto Secular Alliance. Visit the University of Toronto Secular Alliance (UTSA) website for more information.

Meetings will be held every second Wednesday beginning Wednesday, Sept. 10th. Meetings last from 7pm-10pm in the All-Purpose Room at the Multi-Faith Centre (2nd floor, 569 Spadina Ave. entrance from Bancroft Ave.)

All interested students are invited to a welcome party at CFI.
Thursday, September 4th at 11:00 am - 3:00pm

Come to 216 Beverley st (just south of College at St. George) to meet other students interested in science, secularism and freethought. There will be information on the center's activities and student groups. Several universities will be represented including York University, The University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

There will be stimulating discussions and activities to introduce you to the centre's goals and mandate. We'll also have pizza, drinks and lots of fun games - including gaming consoles (with Guitar Hero! woo!) and board games (like Risk! awesome.) We are also inviting all CFI volunteers to join us for this event.

Drop in between 11 am - 3 pm.  $3 donation for BBQ - $1 for drinks; *FREE* to Friends of the Centre.


  1. I really enjoy the irony of the fact that the U of T Secular Alliance is meeting at the university's prayer centre (a.k.a. Multi-Faith Centre). I know it can be tough to get good space, but guys, the MFC is a religious centre and meeting there makes the UTSA just another "faith"....

  2. The choice to hold our meetings at the Multi-Faith Centre was a reasoned decision and the result of weeks of serious consideration. We decided to align ourselves (to some extent) with the MFC because the alternative option has been unsuccessful in the past. I firmly believe that we can partner with the MFC while remaining firm in our atheism and asserting our secular values, and would not have made this decision if I didn't.

    The fact that atheists/agnostics and secularists have such varied opinions on this and other issues is just one of the reasons our group is important. If you're affiliated with U of T, I encourage you to check out our meetings and debate these issues openly.

  3. But it is the FAITH centre, not the anti-faith centre. Perhaps you should petition to change the name from the MFC to the University of Toronto Meeting Centre (UTMC)... That would make a wonderful campaign that would attract attention to the fact that religious obscurantism is a growing threat.

  4. Not every atheist is a new atheist, Anon.

    1. No, but every atheist should reject faith as a viable way of knowing and they should be wary of the argument that atheism is just another faith.