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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're Really, Really Sorry

This is an old video from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. I'm sorry to be posting it now but GrrlScientist put it up on her blog and I just couldn't resist. Again, my sincere apologies to all my American friends for what Canada has done to you.


  1. Or its head, depending on how you look at it.

  2. I like to think of Canada and the US as being in a relationship. One where Canada is both BIGGER and ON TOP... ;)

  3. Why would Canada be sorry for Loverboy?!? I love every minute of them!

  4. Hurrah for passive-aggressive statements which are actually thinly-veiled criticisms!

    Funny how Anthony St. George in no way resembles Colin Mochrie...

    Sorry when I was in Canada I only watched Air Farce. Sorry.

  5. This was really funny. Are you going to be laughing when you are part of the North American Union and our dictator is YOURS???

    You have been following the dissolution of the previous U.S. expanding so not only have they dissolved the constitution of the U.S. without a shot but yours as well. They buy off and out your leadership.

  6. Don't forget Chilliwack, Triumph AND Rush. It was painful just to write those names out.