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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Toronto Diversity

According to the latest census results, visible minorities make up 46.9% of the population of Toronto and 42.9% of the greater Toronto area. Check out the story in The Toronto Star and watch a video showing the change in precentage of visible minorities fro 1951 to 2006 [Visible minorities gaining].

How does this compare with other cities around the world? My impression is that Toronto is one of the more diverse cities in the world.


Eamon Knight said...

That is certainly a change from the Anglo-Saxon (plus a few Italians and Eastern Europeans) Hogtown I grew up in. I wonder who now lives in my childhood house in Don Mills?

Anonymous said...

I live in London, which is pretty diverse. That's one of the reasons it's such a great place to live.

Of the 7.3 million people in London, 2.3 million were born outside the UK. See the table on page 19 of this report for more detail:

paul01 said...

The last time I was in Toronto I was amazed at the diversity. Passers-by on the street almost seemed to be in rotation- black, Arab, oriental, white, and so on.

NickM said...

Um, maybe this is a Canadian thing, but what the heck is a "visible" minority? I don't know of many invisible people around, although if there were some they would be hard to count.

PS: "minority" also starts to become an anachronism at some point. California is majority minority...

Anonymous said...

I love it when people from many ethnic groups can mingle and get to know one another. The problem begins when people bring into the Western world their morals values, some of which contradict with ours (poligamy, wife beating, marrying pre-teen, washing their feet in public sinks, etc), and want us to "acomodate them", something they would never do to us.

Ethnic multiculturalism? Yes.

Musical multiculturalism? Yes.

Gastronomic multiculturalism? Yes.

Moral multiculturalism? Absolutly not!

If they come to the West, they should abide by our laws, our freedom, our way of life. If they don't like it here, they can just get back to their lands. I am totally free to say this because I am not a native european, but I have been living in here ever since I was a youngster. Therefore, no moonbat can accuse me of "racism" or "islamophobia" or whatever nonsense they make up these days.


Unknown said...

Unrelated, but I thought you'd appreciate this.

"If you think of intelligent design, from the context of an engineer working on it --
Really, intelligent design would have documentation."

From a talk on synthetic biology [].

Anonymous said...

Uhm, Canadian law isn't optional. That's why they call it the law.

You're so cute when you try to sound all grownup and smart.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Leicester, in the UK, will be the first UK city where the "original white" population will be less than 50% of the total population by 2010.

I live on the outskirts, and used to work in the city centre, and it seemed to me that people of all backgrounds just got on with living their lives without any particular trouble.

Unknown said...

Sweden is also a member of this trend, IIRC now roughly 20 % minorities over the board and I would assume larger in large cities.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, Canadian law isn't optional. That's why they call it the law.

Laws can be changed to "acomodate" people from the Religion of Peace(R)


Wavefunction said...

I completely agree with that. Immigrants bring their own culture in terms of music, cuisine and the arts and it's always interesting to contrast different perspectives about the world. But they need to abide by the laws of their adopted country. That's not negotiable.

Alex said...

Ashutosh, agreeing in principle with Mats isn't a very good idea. His comment was a bigoted caricature, and it's always best to ignore such effluvia.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing "bigoted" in my comment.
In order for you to see what I mean, read this article:

"Muslim is spared a speeding ban so he can drive between his two wives"


Anonymous Coward said...

I find it strange that some minorities as classified on the basis of the country of origin while others on the basis of their skin color in this graph.

I find it also confusing that in the USA, form have non-white hispanic as an option. What does that mean? I never know if i should check non white-hispanic or hispanic. How dark do you have to be?