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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Politically Incorrect Commercial

This is bad form on the part of Mercedes-Benz. Somebody forgot to tell them that it's only men who are supposed to be stupid in TV commercials.

[Hat Tip: Pretty shaved ape at Canadian Cynic


  1. Additional perspective from a reference book in common use by the geoscience community.

    Politically Correct: The Kiss of Death for a geoscience report. It really means unprofessional, irresponsible and totally unreliable. Used extensively by bureaucratic minds to justify the silliest of decisions.

    Grant, D. B. (2003): Geoscience Reporting Guidelines. Victoria, B.C., 356 pp.
    ISBN 0-9687693-1-4


  2. Interesting comment on our times. The advert would not have 'worked' as well if the blonde had been a man - or if the librarian had been a man.

    Go figure. Personally I reject dumb man stereotypes in advertising. I do not claim victimhood however.