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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Free Cheesecake!

Canadian Cynic just recorded one million page views! Congratulations to whoever you are and to your equally mysterious co-bloggers. The blog is promising free cheesecake for everyone [ Cheesecake for everyone] but the catch is you have to find them first.

BTW, take a look at the statistics posted on the Canadian Cynic website. The average length of each visit is almost 6 minutes!!! This is a long time for most blogs. (It's about 1.5 minutes on Sandwalk and 26 seconds on Pharyngula.)

I wonder if the average visitor to Canadian Cynic is temporarily stunned by the language? Or perhaps by the stupidity of the blogging Tories?


  1. Even in my explicity underground blog, linked to by no one, like 95% of visits are single times I attribute to a fairly random falling.

    Actually I strongly suspect (along with the 26 second datum) that PZ's fat numbers are mostly from random falling related to the accumulation of links and lists that include pharyngula, and other technical means that can be used to increase basic exposure to a blog.

    In other words, Larry, if you want to increase the dosage of visitors to sandwalk, you don't need to "change your style" nor anything like that. I think it may be basically a problem of distribution and exposure.

  2. Prof Moran, I come here often, perhaps not every day, but almost. I also go to CC every day. What I get from CC is a feeling that I'm not alone in my outrage. What I get from you is ....knowledge. I found you from a comment on CC, and to Ti, I'm forever grateful.
    What I get from CC is a feeling of relief. He and his cobloggers express my anger for me. What I get from you is that feeling that living is about learning, and when we stop learning, we die, or at my age, enter senility and then die. Both of your blogs are required reading for me, and I thank you for taking the time from your busy day to blog.

  3. Thank-you HT. I really needed that. I'm having a bad day 'cause my departmental chair is trying to destroy the department's undergraduate program and nobody seems to care.

    Apparently, knowledge isn't something that my colleagues value.