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Friday, December 21, 2007

Did You Forget Why They're Called IDiots?

Bill Dembski and Jonathan Wells have teamed up to write a new book on Intelligent Design Creationism. By all accounts, it is no better than any of the other books that these authors have written. This shouldn't be a surprise. Putting two IDiots together does not cancel out.

Dembski was upset that the reviews on Amazon weren't as glowing as he would have liked. Even worse, the negative reviews were rising to the top of the list as more and more people ranked them as helpful. What to Do?

Well, if you're an IDiot, the first thing you think of is a way to fudge the results. You start by posting a message on the IDiot blogs asking all your follower to rush on over to Amazon and vote for the favorable reviews. Yep, that'll work all right. Except for one teeny, tiny problem.

Rational people found out about it and since there are more of them than IDiots, you can guess what happened. Now what does an IDiot do? That's right, complain about "shameless manipulation"! Here's the current position on deliberately trying to manipulate the results on Amazon.
THE DESIGN OF LIFE is being shamelessly manipulated by the Darwinists at Amazon. Not only are they posting negative reviews that give no indication that the reviewers have read the book but they are also voting up their negative reviews so that these are the first to be seen by potential buyers.
PZ Myers has the complete story [You Bastards!]. He points out the obvious ....
Wait a minute…Dembski himself shamelessly urges his acolytes to rush off and manipulate the reviews because he doesn't like the one-star reviews his book is getting, and now he shamelessly protests because we called attention to his shameless manipulation? My poor exhausted irony meter is stirring again.
Don't forget why we call them IDiots.


Anonymous said...

"Don't forget why we call them IDiots."

That list is too long. Is it enough if I remember only couple reasons?

Shalini said...

Teh stupid! It burns!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. You are telling me that darwinists rushed to spread their "love" for Dr Dembski's book? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

and you wonder why we call them idiots

The Key Question said...

Compartmentalization is the new Evil.

Anonymous said...

I thought ID was dead and buried, and Judge Jones had saved science from religious fundamentalism..?
Over 1 year has gone by, but darwinists still are having nightmares with ID? Get over it!

Steve LaBonne said...

Mats is funny. I mean, especially in a country like the US where performance in science education is already lousy and may doom our kids to a poorer future, how foolish of us to worry that it will be degraded yet further by religiously motivated attempts to teach horse manure in place of biology. Silly us. After all, who could be more formidable authorities than a nonentity of a mathematician with no knowledge of biology, and a liar who obtained a Ph.D. under false pretences for propaganda purposes under the auspices of the Moonies? We must listen reverently to such awe-inspiring giant brains!

Also, people who refer to anyone with even a passing familiarity with biology as "darwinists" simply expose their ignorance to ridicule.

Larry Moran said...

matta says,

I thought ID was dead and buried, and Judge Jones had saved science from religious fundamentalism..?

Nope. Anyone who thought that is stupid. And that refers mostly to people who support evolution.

In this case the IDiots were probably closer to the truth when they realized that Dover would have the pretty much same effect as Arkansas and Louisiana in stopping creationism and keeping evolution out of American schools (i.e. none).

Ned Ludd said...

I dunno, have creationists tried to explain away the evolution of plants? They would have some big problems. If you haven't seen it yet, you should see the Nova documentary on the evolution of flowering plants, "First Flower". Apparently the first such plant appeared about 120 million years ago.