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Monday, November 12, 2007

Reading Level Comparison

BarryA has posted the following comment on Uncommon Descent [Reading Level Comparison].
Thanks to one of our commenters for pointing out this website that calculates the reading level of blogs. Just for fun I inserted UD and it came back “High School,” which means that the general discussion at this blog is at a high school level. I then inserted Pandas Thumb and it came back “Elementary School.”

Make of this what you will.
This seems curious so I tried it myself. Here's the result for ""

Uncommon Descent
cash advance

and here's the result for ""

The Panda's Thumb
cash advance

Make of this what you will. For me, it brings to mind the word "IDiot."


  1. Do the two contradictory verdicts average out to "High School", so that PT and UD are quits?

  2. I don't think this is very serious. My blog about mosnter movies appears as "genius", mayne only becuase it is in spanish? I think it counts counts weird words. Or insult and swearwords? pharyngula is "high school" level hehe that's abut right about

  3. I tested with some blogs on very unscientific thematic (I will not say what exactly) and it returned "Genius"

    so it's basically useless

  4. Actually, Pharyngula is Junior High School. That's the lowest rating I've seen for any blog. I think it's got something to do with there being too much squid and octopus on the blog.

  5. Actually, the elementary school rating is for as opposed to
    They're still kind of dumb for not checking the URL.

  6. We've had a bit of fun with this on my blog (see the comments). I've come to the conclusion that it just checks the last 100 words or so.

  7. Try Respectful Insolence ...