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Monday, November 26, 2007

IDiots Don't Bash Evolutionary Biologists

How many times have you heard that line? The IDiots are fond of saying that they have positive evidence for Intelligent Design Creationism. According to them, it's not about bashing "Darwinists."*

So how do you explain the Darwin Daze Sock-Hop on the Expelled site? [The Playground for Expelled] This is nothing less than a blatant attempt to mock the leading figures in evolutonary biology and atheism.

It makes me feel good about calling them IDiots.

* It will be interesting to see if any Intelligent Design Creationists object in public to that video. Several of them are on record as saying that they don't bash "Darwinists" (e.g., Kirk Durston, "I never bash Darwinists.")


  1. If I were PZ, I'd be disappointed that I wasn't included...

  2. I dunno, that's probably the most entertaining and lighthearted thing on their site. But it does sort of show in what spirit these guys are: this ain't a documentary and they seem to think that they are in some sort of culture war obsession with atheists, despite the fact that they claim to be talking about science.

    Seriously, do they really expect people to believe that Christopher Hitchens or Sam Harris and their views on religion are mentioned ANYWHERE in biology classes? So what exactly is the point or the relevance? It's just sort of bizarre...

  3. Tha's just silly...

    I wouldn't say that's bashing evolutionists, and I don't know that it merits a rant, probably a camcording contradanse of cavorting creationists would be the right sort of riposte.

  4. It's amazing how defensive people can become when you have a theory that contradicts theirs, especially when it is affiliated with a religion. Some of my most favorite moments is playing the Devil's Advocate with firm believers in Christianity. Regardless of a person's beliefs I think that everyone should maintain an open and accepting mind to others ideal, even if they refuse to accept them for themselves.