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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Goodbye John Howard

The latest results from today's election in Australia point to a defeat for the current Prime Minister, John Howard [Labor sweeps to victory in Australia election]. Not only will the Liberal-National Party coalition lose the election but it looks like Howard will lose his own seat in Parliament.

I don't know enough about Australian politics to know what this means. Howard is a staunch ally of the United States and he sent Australian troops to Iraq. I believe that Australia is one of the few industrialized countries, other than the USA, to refuse to sign the Kyoto agreements.

Does this mean that Australia will withdraw its remaining troops from Iraq and sign on to Kyoto now that Kevin Rudd and the Australian Labor party are in power?

[Photo Credit: Australian flag - Job Search: John Howard - Wikipedia]


  1. As I said on another thread. The Labour Party ran on a platform of a fairer industrial relations system, ratifying Kyoto, and reviewing our troup commitment in Iraq.

    John Howard looks to have lost his seat - only the second Prime Minister to do so in Australian history

  2. Rudd has said he will ratify Kyoto immediately. He has said he will bring troops out of Iraq, in a staged manner. It may be too late, but he should strengthen the troops in Afghanistan.

  3. Howard was too staunch in view, with little tolerance for internal trouble in the country he was responsible for, too busy playing the world stage, we are not a super power, and should not be a sherrif, we are a multi cultural country that should play our part in the world responsibly and un tainted by other world politics of doom, go Kevin, we know you can do it!!