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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Canada Ranks #9 on the Corruption Scale!

According to Transparency International Canada is in 9th place in terms of corruption. I think our dismal showing is because university Professors don't ask for bribes like they do in other countries. We should change that. From now on an "A" is going for $1000 and if you want a "B" it will only cost you $600!

[Hat Tip: Gene Expression]


  1. For what I know, Transparency International doesn't really investigate into the actual corruption of a country. It only conducts an opinion survey about whether corruption is rampant in a country or not. I wouldn't say it's worthless, but it's definitely not conclusive.

  2. Glad to hear that, but I still think Canada can afford to have a lot more corruption. We're not even at the level of the USA.

  3. In the early eighteen century the English parliament had no parties but was really just a forum for MPs who were sponsored (or bribed as we would call it today) by various merchants and landowners to plug their interests in parliament. Robert Walpole who stood in for the absentee King George I (and is seen as a prototype prime minister) refereed to this legalized ‘corruption’ as ‘the natural state of human affairs’ So there you have it: you need to lighten up and be more natural - just tell your students that they are “sponsoring” you.

  4. We're not even at the level of the USA.

    Heh, you'll NEVER catch up to us, you pikers! Our secret is that we've legalized corruption- we call it "campaign contributions". Almost every aspect of government policy is up for sale to the highest bidder, and IT'S ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL! Bwahahaha!

  5. Yes, it seems TI data are based on surveys even though their description is a bit, ..., um, corrupted. (They discuss expert evaluation in the methodology description, but for Europe they list surveys.)

    So they give a conflation between actual corruption, individual knowledge, and individual stance in describing their country. Good thing, because I would hate to think Sweden's results could be solely based on naiveté.