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Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday's Molecule #34

Today's molecule is very simple. It is well-known to all biochemistry undergraduates—or at least it was well-known at the time they wrote the exam. Let's see how many of you remember it today.

Today we need the formal IUPAC name in order to win the prize. There's an extremely obvious connection between this Monday's Molecule and Wednesday's Nobel Laureate. You will owe me a lunch if you guess the molecule correctly but can't figure out who the Nobel Prizewinner(s) is/are.

The reward (free lunch) goes to the person who correctly identifies the molecule and the Nobel Laureate(s). Previous free lunch winners are ineligible for one month from the time they first collected the prize. There are no ineligible candidates for this Wednesday's reward since many recent winners haven't collected their prize. The prize is a free lunch at the Faculty Club.

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Anonymous said...

The molecule is Ribulose 1,5 bisphosphate. IUPAC name is 1,5-di-O-phosphono-ribulose or
2,3 dihidroxy, 4 oxo, 5 phospho-oxy pentoxy phosphonic acid ( am bad at chemistry).
Nobel Laureate then would be Melvin Calvin for discovery of Carbon fixation in photosynthesis.
Do I have to treat you for lunch, in that case?

Larry Moran said...

You're a winner!!!

Meet me at my office on Thursday at noon. You can bring a friend.

RSVP by tomorrow.

P.S. Watch for the posting where I make a distinction between the Calvin cycle and photosynthesis.

Anonymous said...

Sure, will watch out for the post but can guess why there is a distinction. As for the lunch offer, can I have a rain check on that? Am crossing borders from here to there in 2 months time.
- Alivia