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Friday, June 22, 2007

Canadians Not So Sure About Evolution

A recent Angus Reid poll shows that only 59% of Canadians accept evolution [What does that Darwin know anyway?]. In Ontario that number drops to only 51%.

While the influence of Young Earth Creationism remains low (~25%), there are some surprising differences among the various regions in Canada. Only 9% of the people in Quebec are creationists but that number rises to 33% on the Prairies.

Evolution: Human
beings evolved from
less advanced life
forms over millions
of years

Creation: God
created human beings
in their present form
within the last
10,000 years

Not sure

British Columbia65%21%15%
Manitoba/Saskatchewan  56%33%11%
United States*53%66%3%

*USA Today/Gallup Poll (separate questions)

It's clear we have our work cut out for us if we are to convince Canadians that evolution is the correct view. We need to work on converting that 19% who still aren't sure.

[Hat Tip: a gloating John Pieret]


  1. And the true reason for the secessionist movement in Quebec becomes clear...

  2. I would guess 95% (at least) of people who believe in evolution believe in it because it’s what scientists believe. The same way they believe in Quantum Mechanics (for example.) But can they defend either theory? Of course they cannot. You can get an undergraduate degree in biology and still you will not have learned enough to defend evolution competently from the likes of Behe and Dembski and other sophisticated critics. The question of ultimate origins is a very specialized domain of knowledge. So what does it really mean for the average Canadian to say "I believe in evolution"? What is that belief really? It’s a cultural identity label, a badge you wear at parties to say “I'm thoroughly modern”. Well that's nice. Still, I’ve met many people wearing that label, and the fact is, here's a list of things more important in their lives, and of greater consequence, than the question of ultimate origins: everything.

  3. [Hat Tip: a gloating John Pieret]

    Now, now! It wasn't so much that I was gloating ... as I said, "misery loves company."

  4. How ironic - the use of the word “converting” concerning "... that 19% (of Canadians) who still aren't sure" (of evolution), as defined by materialists / atheists. If atheists were to put aside all anti-theistic arguments and simply put forward pro-atheism reasons, what would cause anyone not raised as an atheist to “convert?” Second question, if a planet were found with human inhabitants identical to us, but they were all atheists and evolutionists, what would be the top ten ways life would be different there rather than here - with so many in the US and Canada who need "converting"?