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Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm a "Modernist"

You scored as Modernist. Modernism represents the thought that science and reason are all we need to carry on. Religion is unnecessary and any sort of spirituality halts progress. You believe everything has a rational explanation. 50% of Americans share your world-view.













Cultural Creative




What is Your World View?
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[Hat Tip: Shalini]


AJM said...

The test is flawed.

Like all internet quizzes, it's missing the 'ranking this answer to this question will in no way accurately reflect my view of this matter' button for each.

I mean 'Religions have lost their focus and should be returned to their founding principles.'?

Umm... Po?

I don't want them to 'return to their founding principles'. Generally speaking, I don't particularly approve of their principles, at least where I can actually identify them... And bear in mind, I probably disagree with most of their followers about just what those principles actually were/are.

Kindest thing I can say here is: if some of them have 'lost their focus', it might actually make them somewhat less dangerous to the rest of us.

Err... so... well... disagree. I guess. But don't go reading that as 'oh, they're fine with me the way they are...'

'Science can solve all problems and answer all questions, eventually.'...

Ummm... No. Probably not. So disagree...

But ask me whether I think it's likely usefully at least to inform most of the important ones (yep), and whether there's anything much better at that than science, and more broadly speaking, rational inquiry grounded in empirical evidence (nope), and do let's clarify the character of my disagreement, please.

Intenet quizzes are bad for my (apparently 94 percent materialist) blood pressure.

James F. McGrath said...

Thanks for sharing this. I came out as a 'cultural creative' and am reasonably happy with how it characterized me. I'm sharing this on my blog too!

Anonymous said...

The really surprising thing is:
50% of Americans share your world-view.

Anonymous said...

Poorly worded questions.

Mankind is condemned to be free. (there is no outside control)

Is that supposed to elicit our views on supernatural entities? Suppose I don't believe in any supernatural sky daddies, but feel that mankind is bound by its environment; how should I answer that one? We are a part of the material world, and that places certain limits on us.

Anonymous said...

Science has destroyed or at least severely lessened the original purpose of life.

The original purpose of life was to continue existing through replication. Scinece has given us birth control, so therefore hasn't science lessened the original purpose? On the other hand, science has given us fertility clinics, so is it a wash?

dileffante said...

I agree that with the criticism to the test... and I'm shocked to find myself as a 100% postmodernist (followed by 94% materialism and 69% modernism). Now I'll have to deconstruct every question... :-p

Unknown said...

I'm apparently existentialist. I can't figure out the difference between their definition of existentialist and their definition of modernist, nor can I figure out how they differentiated between the two based on the poll.

TheBrummell said...

Mankind is condemned to be free. (there is no outside control)

I picked up on that one, too. After I scored as "Existentialist" and read the description, I thought maybe this question is actually a quote from somebody mildly famous and dead, and by strongly agreeing (which I did, not considering the deistic implications of condemned-by-whom) I think I ended up Existentialist regardless of my answers to other questions.

Also, what ajm said. But hey, it's a test on teh intarweb, so I wasn't expecting any accuracy or precision going in. Somewhat entertaining, as usual.

Valhar2000 said...

I'm an existentialist? This is crap! I want to be a modernist who beleives that science and reason are all we need (and sex three times a week, of course)!

Anyway, it's true that this test is pretty flawed. It created several false dichotomies (like the thing about science answering all questions) and in some cases the questions were just plain meaningless (like the ones about spirituality; what the heel is that?).

John S. Wilkins said...

I already know what I am. I don't know what postmodernism is, but I'm whatever came before that. A prepostmodernist, or preposterist for short...

Larry Moran said...

John Wilkins says,

I already know what I am. I don't know what postmodernism is, but I'm whatever came before that. A prepostmodernist, or preposterist for short...


Seriously, as a philosopher you must know that the term is modernist. I think you have some leanings in that direction, no? I know I do.