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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bloggers in Toronto

A gaggle of science bloggers got together for dinner last night. From left to right they are: Jonathan Badger of T. TAXUS, Mona (back) of Science Notes, Eva Amsen (front) of easternblot, Andrew Staroscik (back) of Mixotrophy, Tara Smith (front) of Aetiology, John Logsdon (back) of Sex, Genes & Evolution and Chris Condayan from the American Society of Microbiology—the man behind Microbe WORLD.

Chris showed up with several bags of camera equipment and proceeded to interview everyone for his video podcasts on Microbe WORLD. It was a bit embarrassing to be asked about the most outstanding discovery in microbiology within the last ten years! There are so many.

Presumably Tara had a much better answer. That's her on the left being filmed in front of the Medical Sciences Building on the University of Toronto campus.

The group met in my office where they were introduced to Darwin, the server. Everyone was suitably impressed (not). After some preliminary chit-chat we went outside to the front of the building where Chris set up his camera.

Then it was off to Baldwin street for Asian food and more conversation. We talked about all kinds of things ranging from Intelligent Design Creationism to science blogging and real science.

After three hours or so, we managed to solve most of the problems in the world so we decided to go home. Problem is, I can't remember the solutions. Hopefully someone took notes.

I had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who came to visit me.

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John Logsdon said...

Thanks, Larry for organizing us for a really good time! I didn't take any notes...

Anonymous said...

Definitely a good time. Gotta get my own post up soon...

Heathen Mike said...

Sorry I couldn't make it - tiny person vomit and packing for a weekend getaway for a wedding made it impossible. Hopefully this won't be the last get-together!

Andrew Staroscik said...

I enjoyed meeting everyone. I thought John said he was going to take notes!

Larry Moran said...

Yes, that was my recollection as well. Didn't we unanimously agree that he should be the secretary?

small things considered said...

I am chagrined that I missed the chance to meet you and what sounds like it was a lovely dinner. Maybe next year?