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Saturday, April 28, 2007

What Do Scientists Eat?

There are six societies at this meeting: American Association of Anatomists; The American Physiological Society, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,American Society for Investigative Pathology; American Society for Nutrition; and American Society fpr Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. The slogan for the conference is "Today's Research: Tomorrow's Health."

So, you might be wondering what this group would eat for lunch? I was, especially since I was practically starving by the time noon hour rolled around.

There's an excellent food court in the lower level of the Washington Convention Center. I love food courts. This one had seven stations.
  1. Center Plate (sandwiches,salads, yogurt)
  2. Cluck Universal Chicken (fried chicken)
  3. Foggy Bottom (burgers, fries, hot dogs)
  4. Hannam's Caribbean Cuisine (spicy Caribbean dishes)
  5. Philadelphia (cheese steaks)
  6. Tam's Asian Cuisine (chinese food)
  7. Wolfgang Puck (pizza, salads)
What would 12,000 scientists working in health-related fields choose for lunch. The winner was obvious. There were three times as many people lined up at one of the stations. The most popular food was ....

Tam's Asian cuisine. There was nobody at the Center Plate—the station with the "healthiest" choices. Everyone was buying General Tso's Chicken .... mmmmmmm, good. Lots of calories. Lots of fat.

I don't know what they'll be buying tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. Wait...were those real cheese steaks? I don't know if I should trust one purchased in DC, but I'd probably be in that line.

  2. *laugh* Cheesesteaks have disturbed me ever since I went to Philly and saw the heavier-than-two-men drums of Cheese Whiz. I'd been spoiled by the local place that used grated cheddar :)

    CERN has a fairly tame menu, but it was great fun to visit the cafe and to have a choice of the two dishes of the day, entitled the Proton or Neutron. Taking pictures on the sly really screws up my photography, but here's the proof :)

  3. You biologists are pikers. If it'd been a geology conference, the big line would've been in front of the pizza place.