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Monday, April 16, 2007

Play the DNA Double Helix Game


Warning! This is a lot harder than it looks! [Double Helix Game].


  1. 810/1150. My copying was perfect, but I guessed the wrong organism twice.

  2. I can't tell how one is supposed to figure out the organism = are there clues, is it a random guess, or do they think someone is going to be able to tell based on the DNA sequence?

  3. 993/1150. I have trouble with the mammalian genomes, since they go on forever... I just fall behind. The single-celled ones are easy though since they're so short. But - I always got the correct organism.

    Theo bromine - the answer has something to do with the statistics you're given at the right - # chromosomes, # genes, etc.

    Gives you a whole new appreciation for your DNA polymerase!

  4. 954/1170. I did *so* miss the uracil/RNA connection on the first copying. Don't know what I was thinking of. (For some reason I lined up corresponding RNA base pair at times. Well.) On the last, it was already an irritatingly slow game...

  5. I like the idea of this game! So smart and educative. But it's true that it's harder than its look ^^

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