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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I think I'll Skip This One!

There's so much going on at the Experimental Biology meeting you just can't hope to see everything. You have to be ruthless in making decisions about what to attend and what to skip. Sometimes there are important talks going on at the same time and you just can't decide.

In addition to the formal talks there are lots of the things on the notice boards that look exciting. On the other hand, there are lots of things that don't.

Today I have to set aside time for the poster sessions because that's where I get a lot of ideas for my textbook (and for blogging). I also want to visit the displays in Publishers' Row and in the scientific equipment/supplies areas. I won't have time for church or fellowship meetings.


  1. But as the recent Letter on Climate Change and Religion (in Science) that Chris Mooney quotes on his blog as an example of how scientists should frame things says,

    "A moment of agreement has arrived for scientists to join forces with religious groups on issues of climate change."

    How do you expect to do that if you are not attending their (prayer) meetings?

  2. The speaker's affiliation is listed as Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute. Check it out, they've got postings on "Cracking the Bible Code" and "The Tomb of Jesus." Really, Prof. Moran, I think you're missing out on some fine entertainment.

  3. Ooh, and they've got a link for a Featured Audio Lecture: Molecular Machines: Evidence for Design by Michael J. Behe (1980). I didn't know his pandering went back that far.

  4. I would question the date on that lecture.
    At that time (1980), Behe was a newly minted PhD (1978) and looking to get a permanent position at a university.

    Given those circumstances, I somehow doubt he would have been publicly outspoken about design, but I could be wrong, of course (and I guess it really depends on where and to whom he gave the lecture. Maybe he gave it to his wife!)

    Perhaps Behe wrote down the basic ideas back then for a lecture that he started giving publicly later on in his career.

  5. Another of Dr. Newman's areas of "research" includes "Science and Angels" and how we can "tell scientifically whether or not angels operate in our world."

    However, the good doctor seems to hold to the Manichaean heresy, suggesting that Satan may be responsible for the Ichneumonidae and Ebola.

  6. How do you expect to do that if you are not attending their (prayer) meetings?

    Good point. Maybe I should go. Can you teach me any prayers?

    Does anyone know the proper fellowship etiquette?

  7. Ooh, good point. If you don't know the secret handshake, they might cotton to your spawn of satan status.

  8. Larry said: "Can you teach me any prayers?"

    I used to know a whole bunch back in my youth when I was a Catholic, but the prayer fold in my brain has atrophied and nearly disappeared through years of disuse.

    The only prayer I can now vaguely remember (more or less) is the "Hail Mary":

    "Hail Mary, full of grace, please let me catch this pass and and get a touchdown" (or something along those lines).

    Not sure if that will help, but most people like football and maybe if you "frame" the whole conversation in those terms, the religious folk might overlook the fact that you don't know any of their incantations.

  9. Good point. Maybe I should go. Can you teach me any prayers?
    Now Larry, I know you're old enough to have grown up when the Lord's Prayer was a standard part of the school day in Canada. Which means you must be able to recite that prayer forwards, backwards and sideways, in your sleep. It's filed in your memory right next to "O Canada" and/or "God Save The Queen".

    Does anyone know the proper fellowship etiquette?
    From my experience, back in the day: carry a Bible (the more battered the better, but even the hotel Gideon will do), say "Praise the Lord" and "Amen" a lot, and you can probably pass.

  10. "even the hotel Gideon will do"

    Are you advocating stealing Bibles?

  11. Are you advocating stealing Bibles?
    You're joking, right? IIRC, the Gideon Bibles invite you to take your room copy, if you derived spiritual comfort (or whatever) from it.

    OK, maybe using one as a disguise to infiltrate a prayer meeting wasn't what they had in mind ;-).

  12. There was a bible in the first hotel I stayed in but there's no bible in this hotel room.

    Doesn't matter. I skipped the fellowship meeting last night. Maybe next time.