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Friday, March 02, 2007

This What Happens to your Brain on Religion

See this man? His name is Nathan Bradfield. He is associated with Gateway Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama.

That makes him an expert on evolution. He has a blog. He has posted an article called Hypocrisy of Evolution. He quotes many experts, like Ann Coulter. She is an IDiot. So is Nathan.

Kevin Beck says this is Easily the worst anti-evolution blogging any of us have seen. Maybe it is. Kevin invites you to pick a sentence, any sentence, and show why it's wrong. Not much of a challenge.

I didn't like this when it was an anti-drug commercial but it seems appropriate for what (some) religion can do to your brain.


  1. Ed Brayton is also running an article on Bradfield that goes into a few specifics.

    I guess the thought is: Hovind is in prison, and someone needs to step up and take his place.

  2. Nathan Bradfield is not an IDiot. He is one order of magnitude dumber than the typical IDiots at the discovery [sic] Institute. Real IDiots no doubt would be offended that you raised him into the IDiot rank.

  3. I don't think Bradfield is all that dumb. He's making a good living preying on the dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers members of his church. In my view, this makes him all the more despicable. He's kind of a bush league Ken Ham.
    I really don't think these guys are stupid. They are conniving, evil bastards who lie for Jesus in order to get the coin of their pasty-faced pig ignorant pew fillers. Yuck.

  4. Nah, I think Bradfield is sincere. I saw lots of his type on t.o over the years, and few of them were "in the business" professionally. Stupidity combined with fanaticism -- a mutually reinforcing combination -- provides an adequate explanation, to my mind.

  5. You're probably right, eamon.

    Ah, well . . . .I'm curious . .do you think Ken Ham is also just stupid?

    C'mon . . . .gimme a crook would ya?


  6. Ah, well . . . .I'm curious . .do you think Ken Ham is also just stupid?
    C'mon . . . .gimme a crook would ya?

    Ham: dunno. Better spelling than NB and his factoids aren't so obviously pulled out of thin air.
    Hard to say about any of these guys, short of catching them admitting something in private when they don't know the tape is running. Fanaticism is a powerful force; it can pervert the intelligence of a smart person into a merely a tool for producing clever rationalizations. Some of what I've read about the ICR's RATE project (try makes me think the principals must know they're doing bogus work.

    I used to think Hovind was a cynical charlatan, but those phone calls from prison sound more like pathetic delusional who really doesn't understand why his world has fallen apart.