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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Taxonomy Song

Pop on over to Evolving Thoughts where John Wilkins has posted a YouTube video of kids singing The Taxonomy Song. Do you recognize the accent? I think they're Australian, no?

Problem is, they get the highest levels wrong (the rest is okay). How many people can correctly name the FIVE KINGDOMS of life? How many people can come up with a better classification scheme?

While you're over on John's blog, read Microbial Species - postlude. It's a discussion about how to identify bacteria species. Remember that the biological species concept doesn't work very well with bacteria because they don't have sex in the same that eukaryotes do. John has some important insights into this problem but it hurts my brain when I try and understand them.


  1. I should have checked it myself. According to the YouTube site, it's students from a number of schools in the United Kingdom.

    Sorry for thinking that the accent was Australian. I should have known that it was too close to good English to be Australian. :-)