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Friday, February 23, 2007

PZ Myers Slept Here

Milton is a small city not too far from where I live. Jennifer Smith of Runesmith's Canadian Content lives there. I've just discovered her blog.

On January 30th (the date is important) she wrote about Small Town Tax Dollars At Work. Apparently the powers that be in Milton decided it was time to replace the welcome sign.
The new sign is one of those fancy electronic pixel boards that can scroll text, blink on and off, simulate fireworks, and do all kinds of other cool effects. Unfortunately it’s only half the size of the old sign, making the glowing letters difficult to read from across the intersection. And even with the letters that small you still wouldn’t be able to fit in as much text as before.

This doesn’t look like it’s going to be a problem, though, since all the new sign has said since it went online a month ago is… ‘Happy New Year!’ Then the date. And the time. And the temperature. Then ‘Happy New Year!’ again.

I suppose we should just be grateful that it isn't blinking '12:00'.
Jennifer probably doesn't realize that Milton is famous because PZ Myers slept there in the summer of 2005.


  1. Although I didn't see much of the town, but instead saw little more than a generic Hilton Express that had just been built and was pretty much empty and bland.

    Hey, maybe I should call them up and see if they still have records of which room I slept in, so they could put up a little plaque, and maybe charge a little extra for the PZ Myers Room.

  2. Milton is also the home, the genesis, and the longtime home of the inventor of... the Robertson screw, the greatest engineering feat in Canadian history.

  3. All Hail Robertson! And yet, when the time came to choose a 150th Anniversary Mascot, the winner was...

    Milly the Millstone.

    Seriously, if you're going to pick an inanimate object as a mascot, what the hell is wrong with 'Robbie the Screw'?

    (BTW, the sign finally changed this week to 'Celebrating Milton's 150th Anniversary')

  4. How does a 150 year old town even qualify for a name? I've lived in houses that were older than that.

  5. Now Milton is famous also because it was featured on the Sandwalk Blog

  6. Kristjan Wager said...
    How does a 150 year old town even qualify for a name? I've lived in houses that were older than that.

    In North America, 150 years is a long time. In Europe, 150 km is a long distance.

  7. Milly the Millstone was the result of a contest run by the Milton's 150th Anniversary Committee. Out of a number of entries, Michelle Job's was chosen as the official mascot of the town of Milton.

    Believe me, one of the options was a Robertson screw but if this is going to be a mascot of the town, it shouldnt be a large screw!

    Can you imagine ... the town of Milton ... and a large screw? What does that tell people. :)