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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Paula Zahn Should be Fired from CNN

I've just about had it with Paula Zahn. She's almost the most stupid "journalist" on TV, a fact she demonstrated in her January 31st report on atheism in America. [TRANSCRIPT]

Several bloggers have been all over this. The disgusting part is the so-called "discussion" that follows the airing of a short segment on discrimination against atheists. Paula let her invited guests get away with the most stupid and outrageous statements. She should apologize on air for inviting them on the show.

Did it never occur to CNN that having an atheist-hating Jew and two evangelical Christians discuss atheism was a bad idea? Where were the atheists on a show about atheism?

(UPDATE: Read the discussion at

Here are two quotations from the ignorant atheist-hater named Debbie Schlussel. The first was in response to a question from Paula Zahn. Following a rant by the evangelical Christian Karen Hunter, Paula asked whether anyone was going to defend atheists .
No, I agree with her 100 percent. I think that the real discrimination is atheists against Americans who are religious. Listen, we are a Christian nation. I'm not a Christian. I'm Jewish, but I recognize we're a Christian country and freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion. And the problem is that, you have these atheists selectively I believe attacking Christianity. You had a case in California where school children were forced to dress as Muslims and learn from the Koran. In Michigan they're saying high school (INAUDIBLE) in high school where they say Muslim prayers at the football games, public high school, (INAUDIBLE) in high school. You don't see atheists complaining about that. I really believe that they are the ones who are the intolerant ones against Christians.
Did you get that? America is a Christian country and freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion! What cave did they find her in? Do you think that Debbie Schlussel might have a slight problem with Muslims as well as atheists?
Look where there are more atheists and where they've lost God, where the church is not that strong. Europe is becoming Islamist. It's fast falling and intolerance is increasing. That's the one reason our country has not become like Europe because we have strong Christians and because atheists are not strong. And I think that's a good thing.

See the complete show here.


  1. Tonight Paula Zahn will have Richard Dawkins on to talk about the ostracized atheist family. It would have been better if she had him on yesterday with the panel though.