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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Psychic Sylvia Browne Is Nothing but a Con Artist and a Fake

Anderson Cooper on CNN does something right. He exposes Sylvia Browne as a con artist. She told the parents of a missing boy that their son was dead but he turned up alive after four years. James Randi takes part in the debunking.

Now, if only we could get Larry King to admit that psychics are frauds ....


  1. Her track record is pretty good but I had doubts on this latest calim she made too. Makes ya wonder doesn't it?

  2. Her track record is not very good. What makes you think that it is?

  3. An example of Sylvia Browne's track record:

  4. I happened to see a Larry King Live show where they had 3 psychics on the show and they were getting cross interviewed by some other people, I don't recall it being Mr James Randi.

    But the million dollar test was offered and all three of them declined the challenge with half-a** excuses.

    I feel sorry for the parents of the kid that was found... imagine what went through their minds. Inadmissible, to say the least!

  5. There is benefit to be gained by muddying the waters. And we pretty much recognize those that will benefit from blurry visions, or at least we recognize the intent. Listen to your own inner thoughts and feelings and quit relying on outside input so much. There is so much to be gained by focusing back to your own inner self. You have that strength of inner self, dust it off and use it. When someone shouts fraud, examine the shouter, usually it takes one to know one. Have a good day. Or have a fraud day to those who think that way. Peace.

  6. Wow, Larry posts on one psychic and we are besieged by a new kind of woo-meister.