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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Here are three of my favorites. See the rest at Please tell me this is sarcasm.


  1. Hillary's a...communist?...whaa?

    Do the wingers think these things through or just pull words at random out of thier asses?

  2. #1 is half serious and half a satirical ripoff of a common BDS slogan from the 2004 election.

    #2 is probably entirely satirical ... at least, I hope it is.

    #3 is a satirical takeoff on another common lefty slogan.

  3. Well, yeah, I remember the slogan "Re-Defeat Bush". But where do they get "communism" from? When has Hillary espoused communism? Or is this just a case of the right using "communism" as a catch-all term to mean "bad thing"?

  4. On a second look, I see #2 is a quote from Ann Coulter. That means it may not be satirical. She's stupid and crazy enough to have meant it.

    The "communist" label sticks to HRC primarily because of the aborted national-health-coverage plan known as "HillaryCare," which her gigolo proposed early in his presidency but which is generally believed to have come from her. (No, I don't remember the details; no, I'm not really interested in revisiting it; and no, I don't really care if the label was unfair.)