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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two Kooks in a Pod

Casey Luskin, the chief IDiot over at Discovery Institute has posted an addendum to his inept article on junk DNA [Follow-up on Junk-DNA]. Luskin has discovered the website of Andras Pellionisz. Those two deserve each other.


  1. More from Casey Luskin? Why doesn't he stop writing press releases long enough to read a science book?

  2. Nice catch. I look forward to see how they will get along.

    BTW, Luskin also discusses a similar looking work called the "Genesis" program. Can be found at .

  3. I have visited this blog. The fact that those interested in "junk" DNA link to my website should not surprise anyone. I will show up wherever I can, in order to keep "debates" which are sometimes a bit superficial to the hard-core scientific issue of the function of 98.7% of (human) DNA. I think we should all do that, in the interest of those hundreds of millions suffering from "junk" DNA diseases;


  4. You're welcome to visit whenever you want. But you're still a kook.