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Monday, November 27, 2006

Who Let Him Out on his Own?

Depak Chopra demonstrates, once again, why we call them IDiots. PZ Myers has pointed out the foolishness in his posting on Pharyngula, "Oh, no...not more Chopra!". The thrust of the rant has something to do with seeing things in your mind. (I didn't pay much attention, it's kindergarten stuff.) Apparently, the fact that you can create an image of a yellow flower means that God exists. PZ tells it like it is but he stops short of the important part of Chorpa's article where Chopra says,
Yet you assume--as do all who fall for the superstition of materialism--that flowers and the color yellow exist 'out there' in the world and are photographically reproduced by the brain, acting as a camera made of organic tissue. In fact, existence of flowers shifts mysteriously once it is closely examined. The experience of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is created in consciousness. Molecules don't assemble in your head to make the sound of a trumpet blaring in a brass band, for example. The brain is silent. So where does the world of sights and sounds come from?

Materialists cannot offer any reasonable explanation. The fact is that an enormous gap exists between any physical, measurable event and our perception. If I talk to you, all I am doing is vibrating air with my vocal cords. Every aspect of that event can be seen and measured, but turning those vibrating air molecules into meaningful words has never been seen or measured. It can't be.
I can't resist. Yes, Depak, turning the vibrating air molecules that come out of your mouth into meaningful words has never been seen or measured. And your point is?

Why does the Huffington Post put up with this IDiot?

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  1. Who IS this Chopra bloke, anyway?
    He is completely unknown over here - which is, perhaps, fortunate.

    BTW: It was saidto be a: "Thought experiment"
    But, from what I've read about Deepak, isn't that a contradiction in terms?
    What thought, where?