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Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Neighbourhood Tim Hortons

Last week PZ Myers posted a map showing all the churches in his neighbourhood Small Town Churches. I thought this was very interesting so I decided to make my own map. Here are all the Tim Hortons in the 'hood.


  1. Back when I was in Niagara Falls, I had 5 stores within walking distance, just like that. Out west, in major cities like Calgary, there's a ton, too; in general though, I don't see as much saturation as I remember down east.

  2. Vancouver has Starbuckses where other Canadian cities have Tim Hortonses.

    (I think that's the correct way to form plurals of such pseudo-possessives, but it looks a bit peculiar.)

  3. I have a little joke about how NOT to get directions when you are lost in Canada.

    Never say, "I'm by the Tim Horton's."

  4. Back home in Fredericton Tim Hortons seemed to be everywhere. If I was wandering around and suddenly wanted a doughnut I knew I was going to be near at least one location. Now that I live in Vancouver I'm lost. Vancouver needs more Timmies.
    I just saw a nearby Tim Hortons close. I didn't know they allowed Tim Hortons to close, I thought they could only be built, never destoyed. Well, luckily their is still one nearby, but it was a shock seeing that empty space where the store once was.