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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Linux Commands


Here's a list of the top 200 Linux commands. Some of them are very useful, especially for us old fogies. For example, I use "whoami" at least once a day.

Some of them will drive you crazy. Don't even think about typing "vi" unless you're prepared to throw the keyboard into the monitor. "Format" is lots of fun, try it with every letter of the alphabet.

"Grep" isn't what you think it is.

The computer is "Darwin." It's owned by David Greig (DIG) and lives in my office. "Darwin" is the server for the newsgroups and DIG moderates with a lot of help from Darwin. Josh Hayes attempts to control—it's a losing battle.

I think I'll try out some of the more unusual Linux commands on Darwin. I wonder what "kill" does? ....


  1. Interesting. I've been using Unix & Linux for a couple decades and some of those are new to me. It's cruel to direct newbies to vi when more sane and modern alternatives such as nano are available.

  2. IWhat do you mean? vi is awesome!^[:wq

  3. I was going to say use emacs if vi is too difficult but I don't see it on the list anywhere. At any rate it is customary to mention emacs wherever any mention of vi can be found, so there you go. All is well with the universe again.

  4. 'killall' is more useful than 'kill'

  5. killall -9 vi

    I don't hate myself enough to use vi.