Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Saint Andrew at Work

Andrew MacRae used to be very active on At the time he was studying Burgess Shale fossils and his expertise was much appreciated. He earned the nickname "Saint" Andrew because he was kind to, and patient with, most creationists. Many of us weren't.

Andrew was also interested in "Polystrate" Tree Fossils because creationists often used them as "proofs" that evolution is wrong.

Here's Andrew extracting a fossil tree from the Joggin Fossil Site in Nova Scotia (Canada). He looked a bit younger when I last saw him in Toronto in 1998.


  1. These trees are4 what YEC want to find.
    They were encased quickly and this from the great flood.
    A rare thing in nature.
    The slow deposition covering them is what creationists think is easily debunked.
    The paper here is saying they are not saying it was slow.
    Its not about evolution but against geology ideas that refute the flood story.
    These trees were literally covered and fossilized while Noah was alive.

  2. Larry, I feel your pain. It's tough when the only comment to a perfectly good post comes from a creationist troll. I'd say that Andrew's big claim to fame is his studies of Ediacaran-type organisms in the Cambrian. (And do I remember some leaking into the Ordovician too?)

  3. Don't recall him being called St Andrew, but I do recall running into his posts often on

    But now is a google group, and the creationist lunatics that post to it make the old-creationists-lunatics look, well, at least less loony.

    1. Here's a post from Ken Cox in December 1998 ...

      Andrew MacRae wrote:
      [A long, reasoned reply to Ed Conrad's usual distortions of reality]

      For those who just tuned in, this is why we call him Saint Andrew. Most of us, after several years of being pestered by a crank, would have broken down and screamed at him (textually) at least once. Andrew has maintained a calm demeanor and still takes the time to carefully refute each bit of insanity as it arises.