Saturday, November 24, 2007

Harper Blocks Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets

Prime Minister Harper is attending the Commonwealth Summit in Kampala, Uganda. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Commonwealth of Nations, it represents 53 nations that were formerly part of the British Empire [Commonwealth of Nations].

These nations have just voted to suspend Pakistan from the Commonwealth until it holds free elections [Pakistan suspended from Commonwealth]. Stephen Harper lead the way here by calling for Pakistan's suspension.

The current debate is over establishing binding targets for greenhouse gas emissions as part of a strategy to reduce global warming. Canada and Australia are the only nations who oppose this resolution. Ironically, with the change in government in Australia today, it's likely that Canada is now the only nation to oppose binding targets.

[Hat Tip: Brian Larnder at Primordial Blog (Stephen Harper Embarrasses Canada Again)]

[Photo Credit: cbcnews]


  1. I just read about the Australian election and thought the same thing. I can't wait to boot this Republican wannabe out of office.

  2. So, Harper does something good (a few kicks at anti-democracy in Pakistan) and something bad (a few kicks at anti-climate-change).

    Is Harper playing a zero-sum game with himself?