Friday, December 22, 2006

They Closed My Timmy's!

It was three weeks ago today and it was only for one day, but it's taken me this long to get over it.

I got up one Saturday morning and went off to my local Tim Horton's to get coffee and a donut. The store was closed and there were strange looking trucks parked on the road. What was going on? Timmy's are supposed to be open 24/7—they're not allowed to close Tim Horton's, are they?

There were famous-looking people living in the white trailers. Cameras were everywhere. There was even a hearse parked in the drive-through. (Look closely in the photo on the left.

The manager (below right) needed a police escort because of the rioting customers. He gave us all gift certificates but that was small compensation for our tragic loss. They opened up the next day but the damage had been done. I'm told we can see what they were up to by going to the movie theatre next summer. As if I'm going to believe that!


  1. Whereabouts are you? Richmond Hill? It's hard to tell from the generic architecture.

    At least it was only for one day!

  2. This is in Mississauga, see My Neighbourhood Tim Horton's.

    Stop by sometime and I'll buy you a coffee and a timbit. :-)