Friday, February 07, 2014

Is There a God? Find out tonight!

There are still a few tickets available. Email me ASAP.


  1. There is no God, but it was a good debate and a great evening.

  2. My understanding was that God exists, by two falls to a submission.

  3. wow..I thought humanity already solved this one when ....oh say.....only the entire history of humanity believes in Him except about 136 socially awkward nerds, 872 herion addicts, 87 serial killers, 49 porn moguls, and Stalin.

    Give it a rest. The whole world is looking at atheists through the animal cages as they hurl poop at society and you just don't get're weirdos and no one cares about your pathology

    1. @John Burger
      Have you considered seeking help for the unresolved anger you are experiencing? It might enable you to interact with people who do not share your beliefs with reduced levels of anxiety.

    2. "only the entire history of humanity believes in Him"


      There has been no point in human history, even now, when most people were *monotheists*, let alone monotheists who worshipped the god you do.

  4. You forgot Hitler and Pol Pot.

    I don't think that you are on the side of the bars that you think you are.

    Remember to scrape the poop off your feet on the way out.