Monday, December 16, 2013

Today is exam day and "You shall not pass"

Today is the day of the final exam in my course on critical thinking and scientific misconceptions.

I thought my students would get a kick out of this photo.

I'm certain that all regular Sandwalk readers know what I'm talking about but just in case there's any new readers who don't get it, here's a short clip from the movie.1

1. Note to IDiots and other creationists ... Gandalf is a fictional character, he doesn't exist. There are many fictional characters who appear to be powerful and menacing but that's only in stories and myths.


  1. Are these kids actually learning critical thinking and avoiding scientific misconceptions OR are they just memorizing things ?
    The test should be to see if evolutionary biology can survive critical thinking and survive not being a scientific misconception!!
    I mean literally the kids see if evolution stands on its merits.
    Anyways i have no confidence in kids and especially problems in these universities today on these kids.
    Science should be for a few young insightful people but otherwise people with grey hair who have studied subjects for a long time.
    One might use the word SMARTER.
    I desire these kids to contribute but suspect they will not. problems.

    1. What kids? What classes are these kids taking and how did you determine it?

      Do you actually write these responses after reading the post or just start writing first thing in the morning and copy/paste into whatever post Larry has up?

  2. Some of us know what you're talking about, independently of any "movie", having read the book

    Honestly. When quoting sources, go for the original!

    1. I read the books in 1969 but YouTube hadn't been invented back then so there's no video I can post. I don't have those books any more so I can't look up the relevant passage and type it into my blog. Feel free to add it to these comments if you have copies of the books. Do you have page numbers?