Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Evolution vs God

It's Ray Comfort and he's going to destroy Richard Dawkins. Bet you can hardly wait to see this movie. PZ Myers is in it. Read what he has to say at: Lie harder, little man.


  1. I just watch the Evolution vs God torrent. I don't want to sound negative because I believe people are entitled to their own views, but this video makes Ray and his followers look very bad. It is obvious what their views of science is. I hope this video, when release on youtube, allows for commenting.

  2. It claims "Dawkins will have a cow"...maybe, if you can have a cow by laughing that hard :)

    Sheer idiocy, but very funny in places. The obstinate, disingenuous and very deliberate stupidity of the interviewer is hilarious.

  3. Larry do you teach The Lies of Evolution to our kids. If you do, shame on you.