Monday, April 08, 2013

One Public School System in Ontario

I petition the Ontario Legislature to adopt legislation to establish a single, non-sectarian, publicly funded school system made up of English and French language school boards.
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  1. Signed.

    About time that institutionalized paedophilia, misogyny and homophobia stopped being funded by tax dollars.

    I never knew that at the time that Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949 they had separate denominational schools for Roman Catholics, Seventh-day Adventists, Salvationists, Pentecostals, and an integrated stream which oversaw the schooling for children of many members of so-called "main stream" Protestant denominations.

    Which was jettisoned for a single non-denominational public school system.

    If they could fix up that mess it should be easy in Ontario.

    1. Steve

      In 1999 Quebec removed public support from faith-based school systems in favour of establishing schools organized along linguistic lines.

      The Quebec National Assembly passed Constitutional Amendment, 1999 (Quebec), which amended the Constitution Act, 1867 by adding to Section 93 the line
      “93A. Paragraphs (1) to (4) of section 93 do not apply to Quebec. ”

      Ontario seems much more reluctant to tackle the issue of publicly funded Catholic schools than Quebec was in 1999.

  2. I'm all for it as long as they will teach in that system that scientists have not resolved the origins of matter, universe, life and that there is no direct proof of macroevolution. Would that be that fair trade?

    1. No. In the case of "that scientists have not resolved the origins of matter, universe, life," this should already be what is taught, if the subjects ever come up in a high school science class. And if schools were to teach that "there is no direct proof of macroevolution", they would be teaching a falsehood.

      Are you aware of the official Vatican position on evolution as a scientific theory?

  3. Larry, Are you screening all the posts now or is it only me? Let me know and I will be glad to move away from the blog if my presence is making your beliefs uncomfortable.

    Best wishes, Dominic Nikel

    1. My posts are being moderated before being displayed, as well, and the traffic here overall has slowed down. So, no, you're not being singled out.

    2. Every Monday there is a delay so that he can "... only post mostly correct answers to avoid embarrassment" for the Monday's molecule post.

  4. NFLD isn't all that.
    Anyways if its in two languages its already segregated .
    Whats the big deal with more!

    Its always a suspicion that a unified school thing comes from those who want to control the kids ideas/conclusions about things. The left wing usually the suspect here.

    I say its okay if its done on religion but they pay themselves.
    Whats not okay is if its done on identity due to ethnicity etc.
    This should never of been allowed.
    I do see the Catholic schools asv really just foreign peoples wanting to live in their catholic identity. not a religious thing.
    So not assimilating into the Canadian population as much as desirable.
    Protestant Ontario allowed them in and gave up a protestant school philosophy and then they leave when it suits them to form a segregated system from Canadians.
    anyways its about freedom to do as we wish and freedom to stop people segregating from us as an agreement upon immigration.

    However the left wing propaganda of schools todays erodes confidence in motives.
    Just as the censorship of creationism is case in point.

    A better world would be all for one and one for all.
    However a religious education is out natural right and is being forced on many people to save their kids.

    1. It's a pity you aren't living in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, Mr. Byers. You would have felt right at home there. Of course, Canada has the Heritage Front if you feel the need to associate with like-minded individuals so strongly.

  5. Signed.

    This should be a no-brainer on equality grounds alone. The United Nations itself has declared Ontario's practice of funding Catholic schools, but not those for other faiths, to be discriminatory. This is in addition to the issues of the inefficiency of funding two parallel systems, and the fact that the Catholic system has actively defied legislation on matters such as equality for homosexual students, and forces non-Catholic students to undergo indoctrination classes. All at the expense of the public purse (To which the Church, as a tax-exempt organization, does not contribue).

    Unfortunately, the public pressure has not yet reached the point that any gov't is willing to attack the constitutional intricacies, not to mention the opposition of the Catholic lobby, that this change would entail. Hopefully measures like this petition will help move that along.