Monday, February 16, 2009

I Wish My Country's Leader Could Say This!

I don't think Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes any of the things that Barack Obama says in this video. My country is cutting back on science at the very time when science needs all the support it can get.

[Hat Tip: Pharyngula]


  1. Obama says many things. Most change within days.

    Keep that in mind...

  2. There is nothing to prove that Obama believes what he says either. He is a politician - remember?

    So NIH got $10B in the Obama stimulus pork barrel (thanks to Arlen Specter who basically blackmailed Obama by threatening not to vote for it as long as Obama's original $1.5B is not changed). NSF got $3B.
    Compare to:

    1. $14B for K-12 school construction, renovation and modernization, including technology upgrades and energy efficiency improvements.

    2. $13B to IDEA Special Education (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

    3. $13B billion for grants to help disadvantaged kids in nearly every school district and more than half of all public schools reach high academic standards.

    That's right. America's math and science education sucks because not enough money is thrown at the problem. The fact that we already spend 2X per srudent than the countries that do a lot better overall does not matter. Throw in more and the system will magically fix itself.

  3. Teleprompters work wonders.

  4. The consequences of direct intentional actions by the United States' last president are worse than the attacks by known terrorists on September 11, 2001.

    Larry, I hope you and your fellow Canadians are more at ease knowing that reason has been restored to the White House.

    Larry, my daughter is a member of the Michigan Color Guard Circuit(MCGC). You might find it interesting that at all of the MCGC competitions they play "Oh, Canada" as well as the "Star Spangled Banner."

    At last Saturday's competition in Troy, MI, there were two schools from Ontario; Windsor and Kingville, I think. Both squads performed their routines beautifully and gave strong renditions of "Oh, Canada" before the awards.

    At those events with no Canadian teams participating, "Oh, Canada" still sounds out strong, since many of the members of MCGC and their families sing along. The Michigan State University color guard team learns "Oh, Canada" and sings it at all of their events.

    In other news about US-Canada relations, there is another Tim Horton's going up here in Lansing, MI. That is the sixth one.

    So, Larry, we Americans have elected an observably more rational President, and we suck up Canadian culture in song and doughnut. From your standpoint doesn't that put us in at least a somewhat more favorable light?

  5. Phi X 174
    Frederick Sanger