Friday, January 16, 2009

What Homeschooling Can Do for your Children

Normally I don't make fun of spelling mistakes because I make lots of them myself and I don't think they're funny. However, from time to time the irony is just too delicious.

Leonard has a blog called Stand Your Ground. Who's Leonard, you might ask? Here's the answer ...
A Socially Conservative Don Quixote from Moncton. Strongly pro-life. Strongly pro-family. Strongly opposed to any attempts to turn my nation into something shapeless, cultureless, childless, gender-neutral and politically correct.
Here's the heading from Leonard's post on homeschooling [Homeschooling Is On The Raise].

More and more parents prefer to take control over their children's education, rather than trusting them to a public school system. ....

Sounds much better than a system which has become more about indoctrination (or at the very least - about merely keeping the kids busy from 9 to 3) than about education, doesn't it? Back in 1999, the CBC aired a short report on homeschooling in the National. I don't recall the exact number they mentioned, but there were between 20,000 and 25,000 homeschooled children in Canada back then. Since then we had the courts ruling that excluding books about homosexual cohabition from elementary school libraries is "discriminatory"; that a perverse graduate should be allowed to bring his partner in perversity to the high-school prom - even if it's a Catholic school.

Since then we had the BC government allowing militant homosexuals to monitor all the school curriculum to ensure it's "gay friendly". We had Quebec government introducing a mandatory "Chinese buffet" course in "world religions" which is nothing but a virtual indoctrination into social and moral relativism. How many parents have since resorted to homeschooling as the only way to save the children from becoming guinea-pigs in lefty's social experiments? I dare to assume it's in the 6 digits now.


  1. Look at wut homeschooling dun did fer me! I learned about the nukey-lar physics from grandma!

  2. A appreciate your post, which I found via searching for lunar phase information for homeschoolers. And now, I'm off to check out Stand Your Ground, so far, I like what he has to say. He'll likely appreciate the referral.