Wednesday, January 07, 2009


In Britain there are 800 buses with the sign, "There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." [Atheists Send a Message, on 800 Buses]

Apparently the British atheists wanted to leave out the word "probably" but that wouldn't conform to British advertising guidelines. I wonder if the guidelines apply across the board?

Are there bus and billboard signs that say, "Jesus probably loves you?"

Has the British anthem been changed to, "God probably saves the Queen?"

And what about the coins? Will they be changed to read, "Queen, probably by the grace of God" (D.P.G.) in order to conform to advertising standards?

The best remark comes from an American tourist who spotted the sign on a bus. America is the bastion of free speech (according to some Americans) but only if it's speech that doesn't offend.
Spotting one of the buses on display at a news conference in Kensington, passers-by were struck by the unusual message.

Not always positively. "I think it’s dreadful," said Sandra Lafaire, 76, a tourist from Los Angeles, who said she believed in God and still enjoyed her life, thank you very much. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t like it in my face."


  1. "For God so probably loved the world, that He probably gave his probably only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him probably should not perish but probably have eternal life. Probably John 3:16."

    Doesn't read quite as authoritatively.

  2. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t like it in my face."

    Yeah I'd have no problem with that, if it would remove all the jesus-loves-you signs as well as the atheist signs. In fact, that's how it should be.

  3. Did she not spot St Paul's cathedral and Westminster Abbey?