Monday, January 19, 2009

Darwin and Gradualism

From DaveScot on Uncommon Descent comes this remarkable example of stupidity: Darwin’s Big Mistake - Gradualism.
The big mistake in Origin that Darwinists won’t admit is gradualism. Darwin explained that according to his theory we should expect to observe a continuum of living species each with only the slightest of variations between them. He postulated that we don’t observe this because the fittest species take over and the insensibly slight variants die off leaving species that are fully characteristic of their kind which then makes possible taxonomic classification by those characters. It’s in the full title in the latter half “The Preservation of Favored Races”.

That left Darwin with explaining the fossil record which is indisputably a record of saltation.
Bzzzzz!!!! Wrong!

Thanks for playing, DaveScot. Unfortunately, there are no consolation prizes for IDiots.


  1. That's right Dave - the fossil record includes every species that ever existed. Who said that ID was more sophisticated than YEC?? Looks like the same stupidity to me.

  2. George in Oregon

    Saltation? The process of particle transport by fluids?

    Sudden change? Does the man even look at fossils? Does he look at their ages? I suppose a few million years here or there are sudden changes...