Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 Weblog Awards

Voting for the best science blog will close tonight. Pharyngula is in the running and so is Bad Astronomy.

The current leader in the voting is a climate change denialist blog called Watt's Up with That?.

Do NOT, repeat DO NOT, rush over and vote for Pharyngula or Bad Astronomy, or any other real science blog. PZ is not asking you to do that. Many science bloggers (including me) want the anti-science blog to win in order to completely discredit the whole notion of online voting for best blog.

It's about time we put an end to this nonsense and letting an anti-science blog win for "Best Science Blog" is an excellent way to send a message.


  1. Larry - that smear on Watts Up is unworthy of you, I'm sure in the cool light of day you will wish to withdraw it.
    Denier is a loaded term, and you know it, if you can show where Anthony Watts "denies" rather than runs a scientifically sceptical eye over the science then I apologise.

  2. Right. And skepticism slips and falls off the Cliffs of Crankery when it eschews the peer review process.

    Watts has not a single published thought challenging AGW.

  3. Denier and denialist are highly appropriate terms. Yes, it is loaded, but the "skeptics" have not earned the right to be called "skeptics."

    There is a difference. If they showed any inkling towards investigating the matter of global warming through a true scientific process they would earn better respect; but if their M.O. remains to cherry-pick and misappropriate facts inappropriately then they deserve to be called "deniers."